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Terroir by Sébastien Riffault in the glass @jazzköket 2021-12-22
2018 Sancerre Blanc Akmèniné
2013 Sancerre Blanc Akmèniné
2013 Sancerre Blanc Auksinis
2014 Sancerre Blanc Auksinis
2011 Sancerre Blanc Sauletas NL17
2011 Sancerre Blanc Sauletas
2010 Sancerre Blanc Skeveldra
2008 Sancerre Blanc Skeveldra
2012 Sancerre Rouge Raudonas

The ONE and ONLY 100% natural winemaker in Sancerre? 
Domaine Etienne et Sébastien Riffault, is located in Sury-en-Vaux. 
Sébastien works his soils with horses, uses zero chemicals in the vines, and farms biodynamically and with botrytis...
In the past, he has often been accused of making wines that were too oxidative, or even deviant... But as the elders of Sancerre know very well, in the past, Sancerres did indeed offer such wide aromatic palettes. 
Today, though, the thrilling juice that Sébastien sells is all but incomparable to the Sancerre Sauvignon we’ve come to know, with its tart, standardised flavours.



19 glas

sms/röst +46(0)739 807 701

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